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Sea-Air Service refers to a method of shipping goods that combines both sea and air transportation. This mode of transportation combines the benefits of sea freight and air freight, offering a cost-effective and fast solution for international shipping.

In sea-air service, the goods are first shipped by sea to a transshipment hub, typically located in a region with good air connectivity. From there, the goods are loaded onto an aircraft for the final leg of their journey to the destination. This allows for a significant reduction in transit time compared to sea freight, while also reducing the cost compared to air freight.

Sea-air service is a popular choice for shipping high-value, time-sensitive, or perishable goods that require rapid transportation, while still enjoying the cost-saving benefits of sea freight. It is also a suitable option for those looking to reduce carbon emissions, as the combination of sea and air transportation results in a lower carbon footprint compared to air freight alone.

An attractive option can be suggested by sea – air freight. More cost effective than airfreight, but faster than sea freight. However, Sea/Air is only efficient on certain routes and gateways.

Where ocean service is too time-consuming but air service is not required, IPORT Sea-Air

solution may be the perfect solution for your business. Combining the advantages of economy and speed, the Sea-Air solution is often the perfect balance for transport. As always, you are kept up to date with your shipment’s progress through our global air and sea freight teams.

Sea – Air can be up to 80% faster than ocean freight for a fraction of the cost. Our team is adept at helping you assess what the right solution is for you in order to streamline your supply chain requirements.

Why/When Choose Sea-Air Service?

  • If your FCL order is late in manufacture – IPORT can catch up the lost time.
  • If your LCL order will have an extended door-to-door transit time due consolidation and break-bulk processes.
  • If your LCL order is from an origin port with limited availability of ocean services – IPORT is committed to operate as per schedule and vessel availability.
  • If your LCL order is small and faces minimum terminal and ancillary charges – IPORT with fast transits and terminals charged per kilo can be ‘cost effective’.
  • If indirect air services mean long and uncontrolled transit times – IPORT provides you the schedule with options so that you can plan accordingly.
  • If airfreight on the route required is congested or the aircraft type is not suitable for your order.

How does it work?

Our cargo will be via container vessel from Bangladesh to our main transit point in Dubai/Colombo/Hong Kong/Singapore where the goods are transferred within a few hours to airfreight pallets. Your cargo then proceeds via Air to the international airport next to you where trucks pick it up immediately and deliver it to your warehouse.

Suitable Commodities:

Generally all types of commodities are suitable for Sea-Air transport, even fragile, heavy, or high-value goods. If you are unsure whether your goods are suitable for Sea-air transport, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to find out for you.

Since the second half of the transport is executed via Air, the same general regulations will apply as for pure airfreight.

Contact us today and we will be happy to tell you more about our services and provide a no-obligation quote for your freight forwarding needs. Our experienced representatives are willing and ready to show you the difference working with a company offering quality freight forwarding services.

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